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Combining style and elegance along with your                                      We promise you the highest level of quality
ideas, we offer a variety of floor plans and                                             at the most affordable price. You simply
designs that can be customized to fit your                                              can't find a home constructed with more
individual tastes, lifestyle, and budget. Every                                         value than a Kasten Home. The quality of
home is made to order with the highest                                                  materials and workmanship that we build
quality materials, construction, and                                                          into your Karsten Home assures you the
workmanship.                                                                                             highest possible value.

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Nothing is more important to us than homeowner                                  Visit one of our plants and watch Karsten
satisfaction. With quality construction, guaranteed                                teammates build our homes with the same
service and unmatched warranty protection, your                                  care as if it was their own. You will see the peace of mind is absolutely assured. Our                                               finest products and appliances being used,
Karsten Kare service promises you a quick                                           our state-of-the-art production technology
response to questions or concerns.                                                         and rigorous inspection process - all to
                                                                                                                     ensure that your home is built to the highest

ENERGY STAR® qualified homes are independently verified to be at least 30% more energy efficient than homes built to the 1993 National Model Energy Code or 15% more efficient than state energy code, whichever is more rigorous. According to the EPA, these savings are based on heating, cooling, and hot water energy use and are typically achieved through a combination of:
building upgrades
high performance windows
controlled air infiltration
upgraded heating and air condition systems
tight duct systems
upgraded water-heating equipment

As shown in the above diagram, heat and cooling loss occurs throughout most homes. Karsten homes are thermally insulated to keep in heat during the winter and cool air during the summer. The solid, tightly sealed construction of a Karsten ENERGY STAR® home ensures maximized savings over a lifetime.

Tight Construction
Tighter home construction will improve the energy efficiency, air quality, and comfort of your home by eliminating unwanted drafts. Using sealant and vapor barriers create a comfort zone in your home.

Low Escape Air Ducts
UL listed tapes and duct mastic are used to seal all joints and seams in the ductwork. All Karsten Homes are built using premium mastic sealer.

Increased Insulation
Increased insulation keeps out excessive heat and cold while maintaining even temperatures inside the home. A programmable thermostat ensures even heating and cooling.

High Performance Windows
Double-glazed low "e" windows carry the ENERGY STAR® label and save up to 30% in heating and cooling loss.

These features are STANDARD in every Karsten Energy Star® home.The ENERGY STAR Advantage is available at participating locations and is subject to product availability and climate region.

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